amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Gah. Looong day yesterday.

I got a lot of stuff for my apartment, including (but not limited to): two wastebaskets (purple, of course), a (small) entertainment center, a little buddha hanging thingie for the kitchen, a table (solid light wood), two matching chairs, a new shower curtain, and a calendar of travel art work that I cut out and hung up in the living room.

My apartment looks like a home again and that makes me happy. I actually LIKE looking and spending time in the living room again, even if I don't have a tv and vcr or whatever just yet. Just knowing that I have something pretty to look at makes me happy.

Unfortunately, though, I stole some nails from target. I didn't mean to! I just forgot to put them up on the belt. I felt bad for stealing from target and all, but you know what? They were $1.88. No biggie. Damnit, though, karma's a bitch.

Naima gave me a wonderful birthday present (and a quite early one at that!) <3 you naima.

Off to class, more class, a meeting, and then hanging out with a beautiful boy. yay!
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