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Wow, I hate drama...

I sooo do not get a new roomie. Mike, complex director, told Damask everything. God, was she pissed. She now knows that I wrote the letter...balls. I told her I was moving out, but I don't have anywhere else to go, so I might as well just stay here.

Went over to Colin's house last night and i am going bowling with him and his brother and Kyle's gf tonight. Colin is the hot tpt player that I went to the dance club with in Seattle and then we got drunk together. I have been trying to hook up with him for a while now, but he is just so goddamn shy. But he is really funny and crazy too. Good guy.

Classes are going well. I had my first french horn class today. It is a performing class, so I have one performance class a week and one private lesson a week. I was walking with another girl, Meghan, to class (she is in it too), and I told her that I am just trying to get better, but I am not that good. She flat out said, "then why are you in it? You ARE aware that there are gtf's (graduate teaching fellows, graduate students who are REALLY good at what they do) in the class, right?" Wow, that hurt my ego hard core. *sigh*

Having a crazy ass party this weekend. We are renting a hotel room, but there will be NO POT in my room under my name! Jeanne and Suz, I WANT YOU TO BE THERE!!! I am trying to get sean to come, but I don't know if he will. I don't think Chance will either, that whole thing is over and done. I am waiting until friday, and if he doesn't email me or anything yet (nothing AT ALL so far!), then it is soooo over. fucker. But, even andrea, if you want to come, go for it. I am just a lazy bastard and don't want to call anyone, so this is an open invite for all who read my lj.

Roger and I are back to the way we were, a maniacal masochistic freak and an innocent bystander. I guess the reason that he was a total dick to me is that he was stoned the whole time. go figure.

*sigh* I hate my roommate...
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