amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Prgnosis of the weekend: good, bad, good, ugly, gooooood. In that order.

I figured out what my problem is. Well, at least one of them. A big one. Everyone has someone but me. Mindi and Bre have eachother. My best friend has her fiance in Hawaii. My roommate just moved out on me. Naima has...everyone. Andrea's so far away and has two jobs. I have no one. No one to be girly with and squee over anything. No one to just hang out with, make supper, watch a movie, tell me that I have stuff stuck in my teeth or reassure me that those jeans DO NOT in fact make me look fat... So, therefor, I have my cat, which lemur almost stole. Grr, I would kick your ass so hardcore, ben, you have no idea. :-) So, yeah. I hate being mad. I hate being all ragey. It's not my normal state. I hate doing the crying rage fit thing. I hate it. I hate feeling so alone. Just...fuck.

So, in an obnoxious fangirly *Squee!* moment...I got sung to at OTR. Okay, that's overdoing it a bit. Mindi got sung to twice, by both groups for her birthday. As for me, Jethro is a nice guy and just finds girls who have brown eyes so he can sing a verse to them from "brown eyed girl." But, nonetheless, I got sung to and all I could do was smack my gum and smile like a freakin' idiot. Meh. What can you do.

Went out to lunch with Mindi's "girls." It was good. Food was good, the waitress was an idiot, but we got to see the new Bridget Jones movie, which was mediocre, except that Hugh Grant was in it and I swooned. I hope Bre didn't get to annoyed.

Have a lot more to say...may do a private entry later, as it seems that whenever I talk about something, I end up offending and/or pissing someone off.

Oh, and andy called me last night but didn't leave a message. What's up with that?

OOOOOh, and I'm applying to be a bouncer. Woot!
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