amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

In anthropology today, as we were getting our midterms back, kchild and I bet eachother a dollar that we were going to get the lower score. I was stoked, because I am broke as a joke and I could totally use a dollar. Lo and behold, not only did both of us get the same scores (so I didn't get the dollar *pouts*) but we both got an 85%! OMG!!! Okay, those of you perfect bastards can fuck off, because I have a 2.5 and this is the second B I've gotten on a midterm this term! I actually am doing better this time! Woot!

Moral of the story: An education is worth more than money.

Oh, and there was a boy in there today who wore a hogwarts shirt. I wanted to kiss him (except he was kinda greasy grimy otherwise. Ew.)

What is it about stupid writing teachers and authors in general that see the need to nitpick every little thing about society? I mean, here's a change, I'll nitpick about those stupid feminist bastards that bitch but don't get anything done.

We read this thing in class today about how women in the workforce are put in secretarial, teaching, and nursing positions, and because they are cut off from management, they will never make it to managerial positions. WTF? Just because you're hanging out with the bigwigs doesn't make you eligible for a position higher up. You need an education and a willingness to work that position. I can understand that if it were a matter of pay, then that would be something worth arguing, but still.

It just irks the fuck out of me how people want to fight for women's rights when it's not really a right that needs to be fought about.

Maybe I'm closed minded (although I really don't think that's the case), but I sincerely think that it's a genetic program that's faulty that creates the gender gap. Here goes my anthropological mind at work, but seriously...homo sapiens have been around for more than 100,000 years. That's enough time to get a little genetic molding in there. And in that time, women have become accustomed to working with food and children, and men have become accustomed to doing...whatever it is that men do.

This is a big problem in the gender gap and I am a firm believer that both sexes should take ahold of their destiny and change if they want to. Don't rely on society to make a difference for you. It will never happen. Do what you want to do, don't wait around for others to change it for you, you know?

Does this make any sense? Maybe it's just me being stupid, but I know a little (and I do say little because I didn't do very well in the evolution of human sexuality class) about gender roles and evolution, etc.

But I am just trying to say that maybe women WANT to be nurses, teachers, and secretaries. Maybe they are internally programmed that way. Either way, it was a stupid discussion. Whatever...


I <3 this time of year.
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