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Musings of a Salad Shooter

I wrote this for Paul, the thing that I slaved all day on. Hope you all enjoy in.

Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Gillian Anderson, William Shatner, David Duchovney, Jesus Christ, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Liv Tyler, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Mohatma Ghandi, Danny DeVito, Buddha, Pamela Anderson Lee, Albert Einstein...what on God's green earth could possibly put insignificant, little me in the same category as the above-mentioned eclectic group??? They don't eat meat.
There are a variety of reasons NOT to eat meat; taste, culture, ethics, etc. My reason for becoming a vegetarian was simple: ethics. Does anyone realize nowadays the brutality of slaughterhouse nowadays? Someone once compared the process of your dinner meat's final days to the Nazi Holocaust. "Chickens are electrically stunned and hung upside-down on hooks; a butcher cuts their throat. Pigs and cows are killed with captive-bolt pistols. They are hung upside down while a butcher jabs his knife into the jugular vein. blood gushes out on the floor while the animals twitch. The butcher cuts off the heads and peels off the skins, then jabs his knife into the abdominal area to allow the animal's guts to fall out onto the floor." (Go Veg, 2002). Wow, makes you hungry, doesn't it?
Of course, the decision to become a vegetarian is definitely the road less traveled. When my friends and I head into Mickey-D's looking for some munchies, the cashier's face of mild confusion and stupidity is evident when I order a Big Mac: no meat. Hahaha. Too bad I have the last laugh: vegetarians, on average, live 7 years longer than their carnivores-counterpart (and vegans, 15 years longer). And, on top of that, think of this...have you ever met an obese vegan? Come on. And, contrary to popular belief, your body does NOT need large, copious amounts of protein to get through the day. In fact, your body only needs roughly 5-7% of its daily caloric intake from protein. That amount is found in one orange! Regardless of how active you are (such as pro skateboarders Steve Berra, Mike Manzoori, Ed Templeton, Andrew Reynolds, and Brian Sumner), you do not an overabundance of protein to keep you healthy.
In fact, it seems to me that we humans are going about it the wrong way entirely. Humans are the only species known to man that cooks their food before they eat it. If we were meant to eat meat, we would be able to eat it raw. To further back this up, look at the way that the modern human body is built. "Human bodies are designed more like those of herbivores than of carnivores. Herbivores have intestinal lengths 12 times the length of their bodies, and have 10 times less hydrochloric acid (HCI) than carnivores. Their teeth are shaped to pulverize grain rather than to tear flesh. Herbivore's hands and feet have no claws. Our inability to digest animal fat in one of the biggest indicators that we are not carnivores. While meat-eating animals have 10 times the HCI to digest fat, in human guts meat can putrefy." (Go Veg)
This doesn't mean that I have a higher-than-thou attitude about the whole thing and only eat spinach. Did I say my name was Popeye? Hell no. I am still a sucker for cheese. I know, I know. It is a never-ending process of slowly eliminating foods such as eggs, cheese, and milk (don't even get me started on that. It does NOT do a body good, contrary to what the FDA would like you to believe. It's high protein content upsets the acid-base balance in the blood causing the body to leach calcium out of the bones to compensate). Slowly but surely, I am getting rid of these foods for a more ecologically- and environmentally- sound way of life. Reading a catchy slogan for veggieburgers in my mom's latest copy of "Oprah" summed it all up for me: "reduce your (karmic) chances of coming back as a cow." tee hee.
I close with this quote from Peter Singer: "Animal factories are one more sign of the extent to which our technological capacities have advanced faster than our ethics."

Peace, Salad Shooter

Hung out with Sean (my ex, who is currently with my friend, Jeanne), and kelli last night. He took us to the movies and then to Little Richard's to hang out. He's a good guy. Can't decide where to go to college, though. Funny boy. You're a good guy, charlie brown.

Talked with Chance for an hour online this morning. I guess he doesn't hate me or anything, said some vindictive things like his one regret was that he let me run his life. And then I told him that I don't think that he ever really loved me and that he fed me a line of crap about his feelings for me, but, in the end, he says that he is indecisive if he hates me or not, and then he asks for Jeanne's phone number. What a git. Oh, well. I guess it is good that he talked to me at least.
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