amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

OMG. I went to go see "Good Morning, Athens" last night with Steve and it was sooooo good. I seriously encourage anyone and everyone to see it. It's got this great political message and it's hilarious to boot. Everyone go see it NOW. The lead male was a direct spin off of George W. hahaha.

Had the talk and it was good. Some things accomplished, or at least swept out of the way. So, all in all, good and I got some things out on the table that needed to be said, at least what I felt needed to be said, to be heard...something. At least I don't feel like my heart may be trampled on.

I bought a pack of cigs today. I'm a bad bad person. Of course, I took like three drags off of one and put it out. Maybe I'll pawn it off to some highschooler. Damn, I'm mean...

OOOOOOhhh, getting a new laptop. woot!!! stoked like you wouldn't believe.

Going into a new week, meaning new things fabulous and I just KNOW that it has to be better than the last two weeks. So here's to a fabulous new week full of dinosaur goodness!!

PS: I find it painstakingly ironic when my ex boyfriend's mom writes to me and asks me if I have a boyfriend because I'm "nice and need a nice boy." Wow. I <3 Linda Dawson.
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