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I am having, like, second (and third, fourth and fifth) thoughts about getting back together with chance. why do I gotta be like that?

Sean, Susie, Jeanne and I all went to go see "hot Chick" last night. Sean brought spirits of the alcoholic persuasion, and we snuck the bottles into the theatre last night. That was fun. Then, Jeanne Sean and I went back to my house and had a threesome...

*cough* haha, just kidding. Mom thought that I told her that jeanne couldn't spend the night, but she remembered that only one person left last night, so she thought that sean had spent the night. Jeanne, you should have seen the look on her face when she told me the story. haha. She told me that she didn't want to know what was going on when she realized there was someone else in my bed with me this morning. God, that was priceless...

Seeing as I have no REAL life, just waiting for school to get back in session. Mom told me this morning that we are renting a car to drive back in, and she made the mistake of telling me the wrong car. I almost died of a heart attack when she told me that we would take a Plymouth Prowler. Hot Damn! I almost died...and then I found out that we would, in fact, be taking a PT Cruiser, which isn't any less of a car, but my dream car is the PP. They are beautiful...if I could marry a car...well, it would be a little difficult to procreate, but still...

Still trying to fuck with my schedule, getting the right one. I don't want to get rid of band, french horn, or winter guard, but I only have 14 credits, and i want 16, but I can't find another decent 2-credit class..damn them whoever gave me my social security number. I will personally find this someone and leave them vindictive sticky notes saying that they dicked me over...haha

Do you guys ever remember that hot butter popcorn song? hella funny...the original midi...and still better
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