amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

OMG. Talk about a case of mistaken identity. Kim, after conferring with Bre (I promise, it's not Mindi, despite the amount of times I mix the two up!), we realized (and I was confirmed with your reply) that it is NOT, in fact, the same guy. Good, because this paul is an asshole/tool and yours is not. I still want to meet him and personally apologize though!

Things are good. I think there was a little oopsie on my part and I made a big ass out of myself and naima I'm sorry. Just...yeah. I'm sorry.

Everything else is fantabulous. I'm going away to the APO retreat this weekend, which means that I will be going away with 18 awesome people and I won't have to attend one single freaking meeting where we all bicker and disagree and get annoyed with one another because we want to get shit done. I'm actually really freaking stoked about it.

So, here's my issue. I mean, this has been weighing on my mind for a while...well, about 6 years. I think I just distrust men on a whole. Even when one says that I make him flustered, I still distrust them (on a whole).

So here's my question: is love real? From a scientific viewpoint, I don't really think it is. I mean, it's programmed into us for procreation. But can we overcome nature and evolution and create an emotion that people will kill and die for? Can we really overcome 4 BILLION years of Earth in the making where we as a species are more intelligent than nature and use what she gave us for a higher and better good?

And what good does love do us anyway? I mean, my work is more important to me than love, no matter how much it seems that's not the case. I was elated to find someone who's also an anth major - that means that I can totally be a dork and it not matter - but...I still think that my "research" or what will be in a matter of years is still more important. Not school. Just work. The work I was intended to do. Digging shit up and seeing the sights of the world.

And maybe it's just because I haven't found my prince yet. You know? There are certainly potentials, but Prince William lives mighty far away. Okay, just kidding... I just wonder if I'm destined to live with my cats/dogs/llamas or whatever and just work. In that case, Suz, you can be my non sexual life partner. I'd treat ya right.

I really don't even think that I began to scratch the surface of what I was trying to say, so I might end up either deleting, rewriting, or expanding in a subsequent entry what I was trying to get at. Over and out.
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