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damn them geminis

This is in response to Suz's almost rant about geminis. They suck. And why do I always get stuck with only two kinds of people? Geminis and Tauruses. Chance, my father, my boss (Jason, from the karate school), my grandma, charli (this guy at school)right off the top are geminis. As for the tauruses, my mom, sean, roger, damask (damn her)...damn them all. So, suz, you are right. Why even bother with them??? Or maybe it is just chance that I shouldn't bother with. damn him. Why do I gotta have all these stupid feelings for him? Can I have a stool now? I can't get off my soapbox...

I watched a really retarded movie with sean last night. It was called Dahmer, and it was about the namesake. You would think that it would be really gruesome and way good, but I was wholly unimpressed with it. Didn't he kill something like 17 people? yeah, it only showed him killing two. He didn't eat any of them, or at least it didn't show it. The only interesting thing I got out of the movie is that I didn't know that he was gay. That is the way that he got all the guys at his house. It wasn't even that disturbing. On the box, it said something about being as good as Silence of The Lambs. Well, it sooooo was not. Damn that false advertising. I still think that Hannibal was a better movie. That was way good. Especially the end when the dude had his head cut off around the brain. haha

blah. Back to school soon. I haven't bought books or anything. I can't wait to see everyone again. I saw roger, but, like I said before, he was kind of a jerk. He would wander right past me in a daze, like he would rather be bored and alone than come talk to me. fucker. I have talked to naima a little bit, I miss her soooo much!
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