amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I went to the counselling center today to see if I could work out my problems. Goddamnit, I hate the student (I almost typed "stupid". How appropriate) health center. They're all tools. He (yes, a stupid boy who knew nothing of my girly problems) had been assigned to me for the session. He then assigned me to the eating disorder awareness class. WTF? I have more issues than that...

I went to see "Garden State" with Dave last night. It was pretty good.

I was really expecting someone to die though. They both are going to the neurologist for a reason. WTF? Why doesn't he have a brain tumor and die? Why doesn't she die of her siezures? Most people thought it was a beautiful movie...I guess. I just think it would have been so much more poetically tragic had one of the kicked the bucket in the final scene. She keels over on the steps or in the phone booth? It works for me. Then I'd cry.

I'd be afraid if my life were turned into a movie. (Not that Garden State is a reality based movie, but still). I'd hope, though, that Natalie Portman would play me, I loved her character.

Jeanne: I just heard a guy on the phone say "Hey Kevin, Scott."

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