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Well, I just got back from Washington...

I originally went to Seattle with the Oregon Marching band for the stupid Seattle bowl game. As if we didn't suck enough this season, we lost our bowl gam. To freakin' Wake Forest. WHERE THE HELL IS WAKE FOREST?? AND WHAT IS A DEAMON DEACON? Well, I guess if I went to church, I would know. WF is a christian school out in BFE.

Anyway, besides the grueling 4 hour practices for three day straight, the rest of it was really good. I went out clubbin' ith some trumpet players, that was funny, watching them all try to dance. And I hung out with beth and chris (who was much better than I thought he would be), and then, of all things, Chance came to see me at the hotel the night before the bowl game. That was kinda wierd. He took m to Pike's Market, and we walkd all over downtown seattle, and it was a lot of fun, we just hung out, went on a carousel and everything. Then we went back to the hotel and I introduced him to everyone, and he told all of the tpt players that he was the new tpt player, baffling everyone that he told. Then, we couldn't think of anything better to do, so we went back to my room and just hung out, and we ended up snuggling and making out. He wanted me to come stay with him for new year's, but I told him that I already had plans. As he left, I asked him if he wanted to make it work. He said yes. Okay, Jeanne, Suz, and Andrea, I sorry! Chance and I are back together. Well, I am pretty sure we are...

Anyway, we lost our bowl game, and halfway through, I decided that I wanted to go to tacoma where he was for new year's instead. I think that was th craziest thing I have ever done, I didn't have a ride there, I didn't know how or when I was going to get home, I just knew that I wanted to see him again. So I asked around, and I got a ride with one of the mellophone players and his gf (thanks, Jon Magii!!). I got there, and it was wonderful to see him again! It was fun, we snuggled and slept in the same bed (no sex, though), and at about 5:30 am, chance couldn't sleep, so he freakin' woke me up and we laid in bed just snuggling (well, I won't divulge the details)...and then the rest of the day, he was a complete dick. I asked him in the middle of the movie if he really wanted to make it work because it seemed that he didn't, and he said that he did, so that was (a little) comforting. Then, we slept in the same bed again (this time, it was not quit as exciting), and then I left this morning.
It's weird, I know both of us have issues with getting back together, but the only thing I can say is that I will be happy if it works out. I love him, I never stopped loving him, and I know that it will eventually work out. hopefully. I will try to get him to move to eugene if we are still together next year. It was weird, I introduced him to roger, when chance knew that I had tried to kiss roger, and I told roger about chance. I just don't know if it registered to either of them who the other one was, but I bet chance understood. (Roger barely even talked to me at all, stupid fucker! What, am I not good enough for you when Danielle is around? Not that I have anything against her, I love her to death, but he is such a dick sometimes).

So, I am just taking it slow, and we will see where it goes. Goddamn, I love that guy. I have missed him since the day that he left. And I never stopped loving him. DAMNIT!! I can't handle this. He might be coming to Coos Bay with his sister this weekend, I might get to see him. that would be nice. fuck...I hate this.
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