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Went shopping with Mindi! YAY!

Realizing a lot of things. I think amelia's growing up just a little bit. I think it happens in spurts, too, because I notice significant personality growth spurts. Like my little self realization today that I don't need to be/say/do/wear/act what people expect me to be because I'm just me. I'm not from a mold and I don't have to be that little girl wearing those clothes and doing those things and saying those things. And that's nice, although that self realization is ultimately about 8 years too late, it's nice that I can do or say what I please. Or, more to the point, I don't have to be what I think people will expect me to be. Ack. I'm fucked up sometimes.

A little confused on something else, but that's okay. I can deal with that.

And why is it that boys are all the same? I swear...of course, you think you have them figured out and then..."awww, crap!" (I can hear Mr. Allen saying it and I bole over laughing).
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