amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I was almost an accomplice to a double pidgeon murder today. As I was walkingto safeway for some draino and kitten chow, I walked by a couple of pidgeons. I was all, "hey guys, what's up?" to them (I shit you not, I really talked to them). So then I did that little clicking noise that squirrels like so much and look at you as if you're a big walnut to tackle. I soon found out that pidgeons do not, contrary to popular belief, like that noise as well. In a rush to flee the noise, they flew off, narrowly missing a tan volvo. Thank god they didn't hit it.

I <3 fall. It's so beautiful. The smell of damp leaves, the first fire in a chimney after the long summer, the wet pavement, the warm wind, OMG I love it. I always associate fall with marching band, though, and for the first time in 7 years I'm not doing it and I still am in a marching band state of mind.

kitten now taking to a running start/long jump into her litter box and then just sitting there. It's like being a mother, it's really weird. Getting pix developed today, will have========\\\\\ <--says kitten. Anyway, will have them by tomorrow on LJ.
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