amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

thank you to all the contributors, but I named her. Scarlett (she's an orange and white long hair). Besides, that's the main character of my favorite movie, a movie that I recently shared with a very special person, the_duke

Kitten is adorable. Oh, damnit. I already mentioned that.

Now I've plum ran out of things i was going to say. ack. School = crap. I've not gone to dinos in like a week. Work = double crap. I hate fridays for that reason alone. But otr kind of neutralizes that, even though I've yet to see them this term just yet. I'll let them get better so I won't be disappointed when I go see them. That's right. I said it. Divisi is better than them, last I heard them both.

Happy birthday to both naima and suz! I <3 you both!

OMG, I totally had something to say and now I don't remember it. It was cool. and funny. and not about small fluffy kitten. damnit...
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