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Christmas tomorrow. I am excited. No only for the presents, which are a nice bonus and everything, but actually spending time with my parents and enjoying watching them open theirs. I love giving people things!

Jeanne showed me the most disturbing thing ever yesterday (before we went to go drool over LOTR:TTT). There was this retarded person (a little boy, no doubt) who was all, "we can take on two wars at once. We were never in the middle east before this." Do they not understand? Who, besides that retarded man of a president, on earth actually wants to fight? That ass-fuck has re-instituted the draft, a friend I have known forever and is a year younger than me had to go register for it the other day. I can't handle that. What right does he have to bring an entire nation to war? Does he not realize that some people actually have more intelligence than him and know it is lethal to go to war? Who knows what kind of military force Iraq or Iran has, they hide all of it! Honestly, is Bush that ignorant that he can't see that, in the high-school of nations, we would NEVER get voted "most popular"??? I've seen cockatiels speak more intelligent sentences than our own goddamn president. For Heaven's sake, someone arrest that man! He has also, did you all know this? Re-instituted religious segregation. FUCKING BASTARD! If I were a sniper, I would shoot that man just for fun. I can't handle him. Please, someone kidnap our fucking president!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Susie, yet again, I love you to death. I suck at creating those cute little user pix. thanks.

I am off to deliver gifts to some people. Tis the season to be giving!!
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