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There are some days that I just don't feel like updating, but there are things that need to be said. Regardless of the fact that I'm an LJ whore.

I'm now the gryffie prefect for newts_exam. Yes, I'm a nerd. Yes I realize that I'm in eighty gajillion HP comms and am a MOD for one of them. Back the fuck off.

Realizing I will always squee about Jonathan Brandis, even though he's dead. So sad.

There's this song something about cocaine that's this twangy urban country ish stuff and it reminds me of something that I'm not going to tell you because I'll sound like an idiot. Anyway, the point is, it gets me in this really emo mood every time I hear it on 105.5 (which is like, 4 times a day) and it takes me back to that summer with the good friends and good scenery. Ack. It's just...I really really hate it when you think you have it in with someone, you know? You think you're tight, and then...they don't even acknowledge you. I feel like such an ass (which happens fairly often as of late, go figure).

Classes were good. I put about 4 new numbers in my cell phone, seeing friends whose numbers I didn't have, and I have friends in both of my PE classes. Refreshing. I already am irked at the geology proff. Mother of God...

So many things I want to say, but I know they won't come out well. Perhaps I should wait till they're fully developed thoughts???
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