amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

So, of course, amelia being the bumbling idiot that she often is...

signed up for two PE classes without realizing that she still wears a wig. Therefor, today is the first day of amelia going head-commando! That's right, I'm now (again) a feminazi. It just sucks cuz I live on freakin' greek row, and all those damn sorostitutes and everything...

I spent some time with angie again yesterday. It felt good. I like her. I've made two new friends in the past week and they are both very dear to my heart now.

I have a girly crush...

amagicalworld going really well. I got another person to join, and then ANOTHER person joined as Luna Lovegood. Who the crap is she??? (The player, not LL). Anyone??

More later...
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