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mmm...Orlando me now!

Anyway, just another day trying to be unsick AGAIN!

Talking to Naima online makes me miss everyone in Eugene terribly. Well, everyone but Damask. I know that she was put in my life to accomplish something, but apparently I haven't figured that one out yet. To make me realize what *could* happen to me if I partied way too much and really *did* strip to get myself through college? To help me appreciate the other actual FRIENDS that I have there instead of waking up to her puking? Roger says that she is only Catholic for the ghosts...I think he is right.

Going to Seatte in a few days. I am not looking forward to it. Well, of course I am, but like I said before, I don't want to spend six days with the devil reincarnate. Balls...I hate todd. And it is always wierd with chris. At the beginning of the term, it was him and me and beth, but she spends way more time with him than I do, so they are naturally closer than me with them...and he just says some weird stuff sometimes. I don't know...whatever. He is just a perfectionist and it bugs the crap out of me sometimes.

Anyway, jeanne, when are we gonna hang out?? I'm up for another viewing of LOTR:TTT. *giggles* he's so hot...
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