amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

made by ponkie I now <3 her.

And I made my new icon all by my onsies. I'll give a cookie to anyone who can tell me who it is in the picture. (Hint: someone I know from Coos Bay aka CB and at least one other person on my flist knows his brother).

It's amazing what you find out when you open up. I've made at least 4 new friends in the last 6 months because they all have leukemia also, and I found out within the last 4 months of two different guys that I know (not including A. Longo, because the other two are survivors, and while he is, these guys are long term) that have survived a blood malignancy disease (one I was in the RA class with who had hodgkin's lymphoma, and the other one was a guy that lived in my hall freshman year who had leukemia as a child). It's good to know that people my age are survivors. Gives me hope.

I went to the game today and it was my first non OMB game and it was fucking assloads of fun everywhere. It also helps that we won. But I sat with awesome people and had a blast and I <3 OMB (minus todd. but that's so effing obvious and doesn't need to be mentioned).

I had more to say...but I think I said it all in short choppy sentences. Well, except for this one, but it's another cancer story.

I was checking my email at about 9 this morning, and I checked my gladstone account. Well, this girl, Angela (well, 32 yr old girl) is newly diagnosed and was referred to me by one of the nurses at sacred heart. She said she would love it if I stopped by.

So I threw on some clothes and was literally out in 5 min. I had just enough time to go visit her and then get coffee before I met nick for the game. It was something I HAD to do. Sometimes you gotta have a smoke. I consider it a priority to stick together with my cancer friends. I don't know, strength in numbers, right?

So I hoofed it down there with the fake flowers that I had in my room - I'm a stickler about giving gifts when I visit people - always have to. And besides, remember when people would always bring me flowers and I couldn't have them because of the contamination? I thought she would enjoy them.

So I went to go visit her. She was so happy to see a friendly face, but it looks like she's got people who care, which is the best in that situation. When her mom came in, she started crying telling her mom about how I had rushed in to see her.

It meant a lot to me to meet her and get to be sort of her "coach". It's always good to meet people ahead of you when you're going through something like that. That's why finding out about Patrick and Tim (?) mean so much to me. I'm more than just a statistic. I'm a survivor.
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