amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

little trumpet girl says:
well, doesn't that rock like a concert at an old folks' home?

5 words that describe you:

5 web sites you visit daily:
-gladstone e-mail
ummm...daily? Yeah, that's it.

5 cds you couldn't live without:
-Hanson - TTA
-Double O Seven
-Lunar Active
-my mixed pop punk CD (shut up, it's got more than just nothing less and simple plan)
-not so much a cd, but my "classical" folder on my laptop

5 favorite concerts:
- Hanson (shut up shut up shut up)
- Fridays at 4 with OTR/Divisi
- Cherry Poppin' Daddies
- Violent Femmes
- Floater

5 favorite books at the moment:
- Any Harry Potter Book
- The Danish Girl
- Nice Girls Finish Last
- Rose Red
- Gone With the Wind

5 games you like to play:
- Mancala. For hours. At Sozo's. With Suz.
- Chess
- Twister
- "I never..."/ten fingers (same thing, shut up, drunkard)
- scrabble

5 random facts about you:
- I was born in New York
- I hate sand
- I knew about my best friend's engagement before she did
- I'm a second degree black belt
- I have not one but TWO pencil point ends embedded in my skin

5 countries you would like to visit:
- Australia
- Ireland
- England
- Egypt
- Bolivia

5 artists/writers who've influenced you:
- Pink Floyd
- Leonard Cohen
- Dr. Robin Cook (influenced decision to become a veggie)
- Benny Goodman
- Count Basie

5 words or phrases you always use:
- eff you
- suck it
- brb
- I'd hit it
- gag (so much rage...)

5 favorite articles of clothing/accessories:
- any built in tank top
- studded belt
- those LEI jeans that I wear freaking almost every day
- black chucks (aww, they're dying...)
- livestrong bracelet

5 favorite movies:
- Pirates of the Carribean
- Armageddon (shut up)
- Gone with the Wind
- Peter Pan
- Dogma

5 things you are obsessed with at the moment:
- Harry Potter - wait, isn't that just always?
- JD (screw you all)
- OMB - you always want what you can't have
- rage - it's so hot right now. rage...
- livejournal (have you noticed?)

5 celebrities you'd sleep with:
- Johnny Depp
- Taylor Hanson
- Jason Isaacs
- Hugh Grant
- Brad Pitt
....oh...only 5? And I was just getting started

5 hobbies of yours:
- tae kwon do
- mancala
- LJ
- photography
- spending quality time with my girls.

5 favorite foods:
- homemade tofu spaghetti
- veggie pizza
- specialty coffee
- a really good sorbet
- ummm...hummus?

5 tv shows that matter:
- Er
- Malcomb in the Middle
- Star Trek: DS9/VOY
- Powerpuff girls
- Outback Jack (shut up)

[ Describe your ]
x. [Wallet]
black, with a sparkly butterfly and some toothpaste
x. [Hairbrush] Hi, I'm bald
x. [Toothbrush] purple. that's all I got. Surprised?
x. [Jewelry worn daily] 15 surgical steel metal rods, a ring from my mom, a promise ring to myself (if you're so curious, ask me in person), a hemp string with a joan of arc thingy on it, a toe ring, some wanna be punk (read: claire's) bracelets, and a livestrong lance armstrong bracelet. If you want one, I have plenty.
x. [Blanket] have many, as I am one cold motherfucker.
x. [Facewash] if there's one thing I'm a snob about, it's facewash. Clinique.
x. [Coffee cup] most used? purple.(surprised?) from my mommy from Experience Music Program in seattle. Because she bought me a coffee mug in seattle.
x. [Sunglasses] Black. Cheap.
x. [Underwear] cotton, string bikini. Full butt. Thongs are the bane of my existence.
x.[Shoes] black dying chucks. They've endured two years of marching band, puddle jumping, montana, loads of shoes. They're faithful.
x. [Favorite shirt] hanson shirt that I made?
x. [Favorite pants] didn't we already cover this?
x. [CD in stereo right now] Double O Seven. I <3 bands I know.
x. [Tattoos] tribal ish butterly on shoulder, "unity" on lower back
x.[Piercings] fuck you, I have too many.
x. [What you are wearing now:] bandnerd sweatshirt from HS marching band, pink built in tank top, sweats with "Ducks" on the back (yes, they are my "ducky butts)
x. [Hair] very sinead o'connor
x. [Do you like candles] sure. I'm all for yummy smellies.
x. [Do you believe in love] most of the time.
x. [Do you believe in soul mates] well, someone who I would compliment fairly well and vice versa for an extended amount of time is out there, somewhere. Still looking.
x. [Do you believe in love at first sight] well, I sure do love sunsets. Now, humans? huh...
x. [What do you want done with your body when you die] cremation and rest my ashes in a really windy spot so you all get a good wiff of me on the way out.
x. [What are you gonna do when you're older?] that's a broad question. In 5 minutes, I'll be older. But in about 5 years, I hope to be globetrotting digging in dirt at someone else's expense.
x. [How many songs do you have on your computer?] maybe 300
x. [What band are you listening to now?] nothing. Don't want to wake the 'rents.
x. [Look out your window...tell me what you see] CB city lights. Well, the whole city really. I live on the highest hill in CB.
x. [If you could have any animal for a pet?] the monkey from Pirates and Gladiator
x. [What is the longest you've ever stayed up?] about 36 hours. I'm no good at that.

[ When was the last time you ... ]
x. [Smiled?]
prolly at my mom when she woke up to go to the bathroom about 20 min ago.
x. [Laughed?] probably at tim at sozo's.
x. [Cried?] two days ago at my bustation frustration with my living situation (I made a rhymey-poo!)
x. [Bought] latte tonight, where I ate the whipped cream and didn't drink the coffee.
x. [Danced?] today to the marching band in the parade
x. [Were sarcastic?] I don't know, probably 10 ish questions ago.
x. [Had a nightmare?] I had a nightmare last week where I married zac hanson.
x. [Last movie you saw] I started "Benny and Joon" with suz today
x. [Last thing you had to drink?] water
. [Last thing you had to eat] craisins?

[ Body ]
x. [What do you most like about your body?] fairly happy on a whole, I suppose, doing a really good job of keeping the weight off. Still not rock solid, but not gross. I've been working uber hard on my arms.
x. [And least?] let's say thighs
x. [How many fillings do you have?] NONE
x. [Do you look like any celebrities?] used to be jorja fox. Now sinead o connor.
x. [Do you wear a watch?] only when I run. to time my agony.
x. [How many coats and jackets do you own?] over 6
x. [Favorite pants color?] I like jeans
x. [Most expensive item of clothing?] columbia jacket
x. [Describe your style in one word] some would say "punk". I do not.

[ Your Friends ]
x. [do your friends know you?]
if they're indeed my friends as you say so, then yes
x. [Are there traits in you that are universally liked?] fiesty-ness?
x. [How many people do you tell everything to?] like, 2. And they both have LJ's. So figure that one out!

[ Music/TV/Books ]
x. [Favourite band ever?]
x. [Most listened to bands?] hanson, Double O Seven, Natalie Merchant, Leonard Cohen, Chicago Soundtrack
x. [Do you find any musicians good-looking?] professional or OMB? Well, we all know I fancy Taylor Hanson. I find most musicians named taylor to be good looking.
x. [Type of music most listened to?] ska/punk
x. [Type never listened to?] personally? country
x. [Favorite book?] Gone with the Wind

[ General Questions ]
x. [What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?]
depends. go with sunny
x. [Do you consider yourself lucky?] yes. I won a cake at safeway
x. [Choose one word to describe how you feel most often] bored
x. [Do you own any plaid clothing?] yes
x. [Is there more than one zipper in your pants?] no, that's dumb
x. [Do you own braces?] own or wear? no on both accounts.
x. [Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches?] you're pretty much asking me if I have a mohawk. No. Because I don't have much hair at all. We've been through this.
x. [Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?] see above question.
x. [Do you own a bandana?] a variety. be more specific
x. [Are you amused by safety pins] yes, now that you mention it, they are handy and amusing
x. [Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?] haha. yes. funny story. My friend meghan made a pair of pants out of duct tape once and wore them often in high school.

[Habits/Beliefs ]
x. [Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything)?]
no, but a lot of people seem to think I have rage, albeit misplaced
x. [Do you smoke cigarettes?] no
x. [Are you vegan/vegetarian?] veggiesaurus at your servis
x. [Do you think meat is murder?] I made a patch that says that once.
x. [Have you ever slept in an alley or park?] nope.
x. [Do you wash your hair less than once a week?] define wash
x. [Have you ever gone a week without a shower?] yes. boo.
x. [Age] 20
x. [Birthday] jan 10
x. [Sign] capricorn
x. [Status] less bored than an hour ago.
x. [Natural hair color] mousey brown
x. [Current hair color] most likely mousey brown
x. [Eye color] brown
x. [Height] 5'1"
x. [Shoe size] 7 ish
x. [Parents] amelia has two mommies
x. [Siblings] none
x. [Live with] my roommate, and apparently andrew

x. [Number]
x. [Color] purple
x. [Day] friday
x. [Month] september
x. [Song] Elias by dispatch
x. [Movie] Armageddon. Shut up.
x. [Food] tofu
x. [Season] fall, pre-rainy season
x. [Class] anything archaeology
x. [Teacher(s)] Mr. Tinker
x. [Drink] vodka and cranberry juice
x. [Veggies] anything and everything
x. [TV Show] right now? Quintuplets
x. [Radio] 105.5
x. [Store] goodwill
x. [Word] yermom
x. [Animal] monkey
x. [Flower] carnation

x. [Me/You]
I don't know you. so me.
x. [Coke/Pepsi] coke
x. [Day/night] day
x. [CD/cassette] cd
x. [DVD/VHS] dvd
. [Jeans/khakis] jeans
x. [Car/truck] bike
x. [Tall/short] I <3 tall guys.
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