amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Based on my personal experiences today, you know you're in a small town when...

*people IN the parade ask you how your health is while you are an innocent bystander (Marty what's his name from MHS band was on a CB fire truck today and called to me asking how I was feeling. This implies one of two things: I know everyone in this town, and b) bad news spreads like wild fire: I didn't tell him about my leukemia, except he knew).

*You run into your friend's older brother and you hang out for three hours (I hung out with Matt Brookes' older brother chris)

*You know half the cheer leading squad from your high school years after you graduate (including the littlest brookes, Jenny. Making it so I have communicated with all three of them today).

*You count the number of people you know and it just might exceed the amount of people you DON'T know in one day (okay, not true, but close)

*You see the kid that lived on your street 7 years ago at the coffee shop and he's still doing the same thing he was last time you saw him.

*Your ex boyfriend and his band wrote a song about your hometown and you listen to all the lyrics and know all the places he's talking about (Tim Ehlin/Waters. Also, John Densmore's "You'd better buy yourself a new blade when you get to Coos Bay" song and all the places he mentions like Tiny's and The Blue Moon).

*People mention first names only and you know who they're talking about.

*You kiss a person of the same sex and you get kicked out of the establishment (after Andrea and I kissed in Sozo's, Chris told us a story of one time his gay couple friends made out and were kicked out of Sozo's).

*You know all the local bands personally (while not too terribly a feat, it's still true).

*You run into the mother of a guy you went to high school with, and although you know her, she doesn't know your friends, but when she learns their first names, she knows who they are right away (andrea and suz and I ran into Brandon Sause's mom, who, coincidentally, already knew about my leukemia, and once she knew their first names, she knew through proxy because Brandon's only one year ahead of us who suz and andrea were right away).

That sums up the night fairly accurately.
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