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ooooh...frodo can hobbit me anyday. He is soo hot. And Legolas ain't bad either. Too bad that is the understatement of the century. Makes my ovaries want to explode *sigh* thanks ebon...

Been talking to this guy in eugene. He is 23, his name is drew. He has a daughter. And told me that his "love language" was physical, and then he told me that the way he communicates is through sex. It makes me wonder if he was deaf mute before he lost his virginity??? Definately wierd and he wants to meet me and all this weird crap. blah. why do I find all the weirdos in eugene? Freaks...

I was wrong about sean and kelli. why did I think that? I am retarded. Yesterday was Celena's birthday, I went over there to give her her present. It was a cute little color light-ball thingie. From Claire's. She loved it, and it was good to see Linda. Saw Aunt Merline and her kids, they were leaving just as I got in the door. I love her...

I hate dial up. It should die. Just like being sick. I am sick. AGAIN! Only this time, it isn't the puking and not eating, it is the stuffy nose and watery eyes. What HAVE'T I gotten yet? I don't intend on getting AIDS or anything, so I hope this is it...
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