amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Ugh. I just don't think there's anything new that merits me actually updating, but at the rate that I usually update, people might start to wonder whether or not I had died and gone to LJ heaven.

Something of interest (if only to me and my un psychologist, Matt Brookes): Andrew's been watching loads of Sports Night Episodes (just remember: Avada Kedavra) and there is this nerdy guy who kind of reminds me of a B-list Jeff Goldblum and on the show, he's dating this girl that looks like Claire Danes, and so he tries to break up with her, and she won't have anything of it, like she won't accept it. So I think the next time a guy tries to break up with me, I just won't accept it. haha.

Yanni's coming to the Rose Garden in November. I think my parents would do just about anything to get tix. Maybe an early x mas present from yours truly?

Oooh, recent convo between Thomas and I:

upontheroof09: how accurate do you think that whole thing is?
Amelialaine: astrology?
upontheroof09: yeah
upontheroof09: well
Amelialaine: fairly accurate
upontheroof09: do you find yourself to be much of a capricorn?
Amelialaine: I <3 most tauruses before I know they're tauruses and geminis annoy the crap out of me nine times out of ten. I don't know, I mean, most of my planets are in sag too
upontheroof09: yeah i suppose
Amelialaine: so, like, while I enjoy some fine things and want to succeed, aka cappie, I'm kind of a rebel in some realms and enjoy a fair amount of drama aka sag
upontheroof09: i dont know enough about it
upontheroof09: i just know that i'm ruled by the moon...
upontheroof09: yeah
Amelialaine: Do you find your sign pretty accurate?
upontheroof09: hm
upontheroof09: well yes

(PS:maybe because my dad's a gemini and my mom's a taurus???)

So, flist poll of the day: do you think that your sign really describes you? Why or why not? Comment!!
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