amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Art imitating life. Or is it the other way around?

Here's my (lack of love) life through "Stigmata"

Nurse: "Is there something wrong with your significant other, Frankie?"
Frankie "Yes"
Nurse: "And what's that, Frankie?"
Frankie: "I'm not very significant."

And for today's amelia's dramatic scene:

I have been uber freaking out over yesterday's biopsy. I always always always get same day results. So when I didn't get any yesterday OR today, I was worried. I spent half the night in agony from my back and the other half throwing up. Even this morning, I made myself some cereal, and proceeded to throw it up after one spoonful. Ugh. So, one of the nurses called me this morning and told me that she would call me when she got results. But she never called me. So, an hour before the cancer center closes, I went in there and talked to the new nurse and told her I was wondering if there was any news. So she goes back there and tells the other nurses that some girl named "Amelia" is here. "Oh, that's Dr. Roa's pet," says Linda (a nurse).

So I went back there, and started freaking out, telling them I haven't had an appetite in weeks and what if I was out of remission? And how I puked all last night and just basically freaking out (they wanted to give me a sedative. haha) So they get on the phone and finally get some results. I'm still in remission.

The thing is, it usually takes people a week for their results. I'm spoiled by dr. roa because she gets on the phone while they still have the specimin under the microscope. And she wasn't there yesterday.

Haha. I'm dr. roa's pet. I love her.

Ran into Lani Lee formerly smith (now Almich - yes, they got married July 10th) and they are living over by Elmer's with a three legged dog named D.O.G. and she came over tonight, along with Andy (gag I think he thinks the same thing I think even though we both know it won't change), and the five of us had a Jude Law-a-thon
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