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Tis the season to be...puking, I guess...I hate being sick. I get home, and what do you know? I throw up a butt-load of times.

Well, right before I threw up all night long, Paul came over unexpectedly. I was so surprised. I missed him so much! I gave him this huge hug and we talked a little bit. I get to see him on Friday at the show that his band is doing at the karate school. I can't wait!

Anyway, hung out with sean and kelli on friday night. That was before I got sick. I tried to call both of them on saturday night, and sean said he had things to do, and when I called kelli about a half hour later and they said that she was out with him. Which made me wonder if they had hooked up at all. I guess they didn't. I just don't want her to think that we are competing for sean, because we sooo aren't. Him and I are soooo done, as far as I know. And him and I were just talking and goofing around friday night, and I think that she took that the wrong way. I hope not, I really value her friendship. I was just pissed that they had both kind of ditched me.I didn't care what they did, but the fact that we had all kind of made plans to hang out and then they both go out without me. it's okay, I called her last night, and things are better. Not like I have called him since Saturday...
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