amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

haha. I went to bed at, like, 7:30 last night. Oh, yes. It was heaven (because I went to sleep at, like, 5 the night/morning before). I slept for 12+ hours. And then I had a dream about beautiful Dr. Roa and that she was getting a divorce, she was all strung out on these crazy pills, and talking all this nonsense. But in the end, she gave me her wedding ring because she didn't want it anymore and, well, it was a pretty ring (it is in real life, too). It's kind of sad, though, when you have nothing better to dream about than your oncologist's marital status. Haha...

Pondering, wondering, trying to figure out if I'm being foolish and getting my hopes up or something.

There's a guy that is sitting in the row in front of me who is just obnoxious and can't sit still. He's playing with his stupid cow boy boots and keeps scooting forwards and backwards and grunting and ugh. Gross. He's staring at the purchasing page. OMG...
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