amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Still in the Coos. Have hung out with Suz and Andrea, both of whom I adore immensely.

Now that I think I've got this whole depression thing figured out (low counts, because when your counts are low, your mental state is kinda low. A concept that may be hard to grasp, but I completely understand), I'm feeling better about it. I told a guy to call me. Not exactly a date, though, umm...unless that's what he thinks it is. The thing is, I shot this kid down all through high school. He seriously got sooo pissed off at sean when we got back together for the second time. (His name is Josh Juelke, we were in karate together). He's a really big nerd, really goofy, but really really nice and funny. And he's going into the military, which makes me sad, because no matter what, his heart's in the right place. I told him of all the stupid things he's done in his life, going into the military is by far the stupidest. So maybe we'll hang out or something.

Feeling better - hair starting to grow back! *does a dance* It's about fucking time!!!!!

You are Sara Sidle. You could sometimes be seen as
selfless or over-emotional, but the fact is you
love what you do and give your all to
everything you face in life. However this can
make you somewhat shut off and at times you
need to stand back and check your priorities.

* Which CSI Character are You??? *
brought to you by Quizilla

Just because a) I wanted to take a quiz and b) I get it all the time (or at least I did when I had hair) that I looked like her ("her" being jorja fox from CSI).

Finally feeling better. Except now, I'm gaining weight. Small price to pay to actually be feeling better, I suppose.
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