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The moderator between the head and the hand must be the heart

New Icon. Did it all by my onsie (for those of you living under a rock, my icon contains a quote from Harry Potter). After, like, two and a half hours online. And yet I'm still here. What the crap?

Apparently I'm a lip slut. Sorry to everyone. haha.

In The Coos. It's good. Mom took me out to lunch. And that was good too. It's just nice to be away for a while. Away from all the gossip, deceit, drama, heat, sadness, factors that make me worry, and the utter nothingness of my existence in eugene. At least until monday. Or sunday. we'll see.

Kym got me a B&W photography book. I plan on reading it cover to cover once I am done on the dreaded computadora. Gadzooks, been on here forever.

So much I want to say and yet every time I sit down to actually write it all out, I draw a blank. Go figure. Full of emotions and feelings but no sense.
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