amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

The Ultimate Kissing Survey

Age of first kiss: 12

Number of people you've kissed: I counted 22. Maybe more?

French kissing is: sexy

The worst kind of kiss is: the kind where a boy shoves his tongue down your throat

The best kisser you know: Justin #1

The worst kisser you know: ew ew ew Paul Wisher

The celebrity you'd like to kiss: Brad Pitt

Friend you would like to kiss: oooh...Jeremiah? Or John? Either one...

Favorite movie kiss: Rhett and Scarlett in "Gone with the wind"

Do you kiss on the first date? nope.

Eyes open or closed? closed. I bet even Brad Pitt has gross huge pores upclose

Average number of kisses you get a day: right now? None, zip, zero, zilch. But I got a lot of kisses from two friends last weekend. yum!

Ever kissed a friend's boyfriend or girlfriend? yup

The last person you kissed: Naima? Or Andrea?

Best placed to be kissed:

Have you kissed someone of the same sex? yes. See above

What about the opposite sex? huh. all 22 aren't girls, I'll give you that

Do you consider kissing cheating? yes

The longest you've gone without a kiss: a few months

The kiss you regret most is: ew. Charlie - 4th of july, 2000

Kissing in public is: too much. Go find a room

Tongue rings are: hard to play instruments with

Two girls kissing is: hot

Two guys kissing is: still hot, but not as much

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