amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

It's when the good days outnumber the bad days that you've succeeded

And that's just what I keep telling myself. Which they have so far. I think the point of everything is just to not let anything get you down. I know I have issues, and I try to deal with them as much as possible. But I rarely dwell on things that I can't change (with one exception, and I bet most of you know what/who that is).

Spent some time with Paul today, and with that my mom promptly asks if we are getting back together. I don't know how going to AT&T Wireless with him constitutes as grounds for getting back together. Huh.

I got a new cell phone, with a new number, which i will gladly give out to anyone who asks for it (but not on the internet). My other one will work for at least two more days, so there's no hurry.

Feeling pretty good about everything and the most I can do right now is try not to leave a trail of burnt bridges around me. Huh. Really, really trying. Despite popular opinion, I don't have very good social skills, so everything in my head (when I mull over it, I guess), comes off weird to me. A few things in particular, but it's all good.

Just excited to be getting back to school, out of the heat! And maybe moving with Jess into a house and maybe even with Suz. Not really sure at all...
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