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First and foremost, I just want to say:

I write this LJ for my own benefit only. I don't want help straightening my life out, and if I want an opinion or advice, I will ask for it.

For example:

*if I wanted advice about Chance, I would say: "Andrea, please give me anti-Chance advice. Thank you and have a nice day."


*if I wanted advice about what to wear, say, or do that I would be unawares as to handle a situation in a good manner without input from my friends, I would ask in an LJ entry: "alrighty, guys, what should I [insert action here] about [insert subject here].

I neither desire nor require assistance or advice on my life, especially when it is something along the lines of seak help/go on anti-depressants/go on a vacation. I have half a mind to lock all my entries to private(but I am lazy and wouldn't want to go through the hassle of logging in every damn time). and then I would be sufficiently wallowing in my own misery. Which is to say is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. I love you all, and I enjoy getting comments and replies like you wouldn't believe - my friends are my life.

The fact of the matter is this: I know I have issues. Some of them are from my 7 month long stint with leukemia. Some of them are pre-diagnosis. Either way, I can handle my life in my own due time and I don't need someone playing God for me.

Moral of the story: Read at your own risk. I am a happy person who is dealing with her own shit at her own rate. Thankfully, the good days outnumber the bad days.

PS: On a completely different note, I hate little wishy-washy straight-laced teeny bobbers who can't stand self-expression.

PPS: I love my new schedule and although I know most of you don't care what exactly I am taking, I get fridays off!!!
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