amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

God's idea of a cruel joke...

Well, now that I am a bitt less broken up about last weekend...

It was adorable. He's in love, and well, so is she. Jeanne, you would like her. When my computer stops being a living breathing asshole I will post some pix. It was just...ugh. I love the family, of course, Linda could be my third mom. But when Michael had the audacity to ask me, "So, have you gotten hitched yet?" I stared at him and politely replied "not yet" while my innards were livid, wanting to scream at him, "No, asshole, I've been to busy having cancer for the past seven months to bother getting hitched, thankyouverymuch." Ugh. Some people.

And while the rest of my week has floated by in a haze, I can't help but think one of two things, both of which are deeply and regrettably inaccurate: 1) I'm a lazy bastard with no life, or 2) I've been overworking myself and today I feel sick, yet I had to pick up some prescripts and check my email (which always includes LJ). Had a Harry Potter fest with TyE last night and that was fun. I was preparing him for going to watch PoA in the theatres, which is still in the expensive ones and not the dollar fitty yet. Damn. I went and saw it before I went to OHSU, so it's been there for nearly two months.

I feel cruel, bitchy, exausted, annoyed, and ready to have my own damn hair. Would go into detail but I don't want sympathy replies.

Excited for my benefit on friday night. I ran into Noah while Suz and I were there, and I asked him to come. I'm totally stoked, I love that guy and I haven't seen him in ages. He was in karate with me for a little bit, I wonder if he is still there.

I guess Dewitt, Sean's oldest two siblings' father (Michael and Michelle) donated a pretty penny to my fund. That's amazing. This guy is so selfless, and so caring. He's a wonderful wonderful guy. :-)
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