amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I went to the Relay for Life last night. It was amazing and humbling and awe inspiring. And I walked the track as a survivor. How many 20 year olds can say that? And the Willamette Valley Cancer Center (where I go for Dr's appts and I love everyone there) tent just kind of adopted me. It was great to see everyone somewhere else besides the dr's office. And there were survivors (mostly middle aged women) hanging out there. I walked about 2 miles total for a few hours and then did the survivor's lap. Lovely Erin made a bag for me and I almost cried. To top everything else off, the only doctor who showed up from the office in the time that I was there was my doctor and her family. I just wanted to cry.

And then I made a luminary bag that said: "To my lovely ladies: Karen Humez and Kathy Alden: Knowing you makes it easier for me to get up in the mornings" (they are my transplant buddies). And then at the bottom I wrote the names of both my moms and both my grandma's, who have all had cancer.

This all makes me want to do mad research on chemicals and crap and do a Michael Moore ish movie on carcinogens and crap like that. Anyone want to contribute to research? I want to put my love and passion into something artsy and ultimately good for something. Besides my own ramblings.

I am going to sean's baby shower tomorrow. I am going to do something special for him - make little onesies that say things like "Daddy's little angel" and "I love my daddy" with pix of him on them with iron on transfers. It will be adorable. I just hope this Tarah character hasn't changed him so much that he won't appreciate all the work that I put into them. Especially since I don't have a home computer right now, and therefor have to go to the public library for all this. Boo.
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