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I know I didn't state this before and I should have. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! If there is something in here that you don't agree with, especially if it is about you, goddamn, don't bitch at me. It won't do any good. I don't need my journal critisized, so don't do it. If I quote something wrong or say something you don't like, I am not held accountable because I am blissfully ignorant, or happy stupid, which is exactly the same thing, so I don't know why Voltaire didn't just say that...go figure, stupid Kotsi. I write for me, not you. so back the fuck off or don't read.


I got a french horn today. Spent an hour and a half practicing. which is more time than i have practiced on my tpt all season. The bastard at the instrument rental place gave me the shittiest one there because I am doing campus band, and because i couldn't find the professor of horn-ology to sign the waiver, so i had to have todd do it *shudders*... you know, he isn't half bad looking when he wears glasses and isn't the devil.
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