amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Ugh. Today is one of those days where it would just be much more convenient if I just crawled into a hole and didn't come out for many many moons. But that would be stupid, right? Right.

Frustration bustation. But I'm wearing cute shoes.

I kind of feel like jabbing a huge spear of ice in my hand and just letting it melt, not caring about anything. Not caring about how my roommate claims she hates where we live (which frustrates me, as I love her dearly), not caring about the heat, assholes, inconveniences, fucking financial aide or Oregon Health Plan...just every thing is uber numb right now and I want to crawl into a bed in a room of 60 degrees and read a book with the over head light off and a nice bedside lamp. But seeing as how it is currently 90 degrees and I don't have a bedside lamp, that just won't do.

I ran into one of my Corvallis friends yesterday and that was really neat. I like Sam a lot and I'm glad that we are going to hang out soon. I don't know how much he still hangs out with Andy or anything, and really it doesn't matter. I wonder from time to time if Andy's got another girl already or if he just doesn't want to hang out. Which is fine, I don't want to be with a boy right now, but he just won't even hang out. But Sam is cool and crazy and we sneak into bars together.

Hungry, smelly, tired, and Naima is making drinks tonight.

I feel tempted just to shut out 90% of the world and tell it to fuck off. That wouldn't be very nice, though.
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