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Last few days have been good. I love spending time with the Canadians. They are fab.

Bryon and I broke up. It sucks, because he is just seriously such a great guy and I wish he were some asshole drone that I wouldn't have to feel bad about breaking up with.

I just needed some amelia time. And he would have happily given it to me had I asked. I feel like I was just being a bad girlfriend and I hate that and there are just certain things that I can't do right now and I feel bad and inadequate and stupid. Go me.

But really, he's a fabulous guy and I hope that we can stay friends. He is a strong guy and really a source of happiness in my life! Bryon, if you read this, you are wonderful and fabulous.

Everything else is swell. I suppose. It's always sad when good things end, but I needed this for me, and I know it may be that I am selfish with my time, but I just feel it was for the best for me right now. That and my decision to quit marching band were two huge decisions in my life that feel better now that I have decided but still hurt, knowing I will have made permanent changes in my life.

As always, indecision is my constant companion.

"Outback Jack" and Boboli pizza at TyE's tonight. So stoked. I talked to Kim for a little bit, she is holding up really well. I really like her. And of course it hurts on the breaking up end as well. They just suck all the way around.
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