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So no book deal. That's fine. I didn't want to write a stinking book anyway. Oh, and Diane? You're fabulous.

Still pissed off at my computer. And it isn't like an "I want to throw you out the window and get it over with" kind of pissed off. This computer has been my faithful companion for over two years. It has been with me when guys, friends, and health have failed me. How dare it die on me? Nope, this is more like a "you're divorcing me?" kind of pissed off. (Jess and I came to the library)

Since I've come back, I've realized how much has gone by without my being there. And that's fine. The thing that isn't fine is the fact that my social skills have become just a tad rusty since I've been confined for such a long time. I've become accustomed to just hanging out with myself, and I can't believe that I am blowing people off because I would rather just hole up in my room. And I am so overwhelmed. With the heat, with people, with emotions, just with things that would be easier if I were a different person. It's hard to describe. I can imagine what newly released inmates feel like, and I was only gone for 5 weeks. Imagine years and years of anti social confinement. Wow. I make it sound so dramatic. haha. I suck.
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