amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Alright, I'm kind of in a predictament. I want all your opinions. I might be able to get a book deal, blah blah blah about my whole past 7 months, leukemia, blah blah blah. But I would want to use the journal entries in my LJ, because that is pretty much, (with the exception of a few paper journal written entries from Sacred Heart) is where I have documented everything and it's to my friends, where I am the most honest. Dad says he can help me with a book deal and an agent. Unfortunately, for copywrite purposes, I would have to remove those entries from the puplic view, and maybe even delete my LJ. Which I would think might not be worth it. So what do I do? And if I do use those entries, I would also like to include the replies that are to that entry. What do you guys think?

I've often wondered as of late, wouldn't it hurt for Lance Armstrong to have cancer of the wee wee and still be a professional cyclist? Anyone? I guess he sought out some doctor at OHSU specifically because he's some wee wee cancer god. I have no clue. But I have the Livestrong bright ass yellow bracelet thingy and now he's on all the Subaru commercials.

Going home in three days. I can't wait to see everyone! And actually live in my own apartment!

I guess Sam Densmore and Bobby Lindstrom are putting on a show for me as a benefit on Aug 6th. Very cool. Can't decide if I should go to my own benefit or not. Anyone?
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