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Wow my head hurts. cramming all that info in there for finals...

The RA's on duty last night busted damask. Even though I don't want her doing that kind of thing, it still pisses me off because it was totally illegitamit (or whatever).

Naima has a new man. I'm glad. We were talking about boys...I laughed when she told me the reason that I don't get guys here. I am blaming roger because he is always with me and a lot of people have asked if we are together, even though I am the one who always wants to hang out with him. She told me it's because i am a pistol. tee hee. I guess so, one of those fiercly independant things. Wow...I guess so. I mean, props to anyone who can handle me and my personality. Go figure.

Getting a french horn tomorrow! Can't wait. And jen is taking me home for christmas on wednesday. Chance is going to be home when I get there. I am so nervous. I can't believe I am actually gonna see him again. what is it going to be like? WHat if I disappoint him? I bet he is wondering the same thing.

Damn them. all of them. all the boys should die. why do I care so much? I am dumb. I think the menstrual cycle was developed by men in a laboratory to keep a woman's ego in check by supplying her with a life-time's amount worth of doubt, frustration, anger, fear, and bloatedness to in one tiny week so we feel utterly worthless. It is just like men to do something like that. Egotistic bastards. I curse them all with the black colie. *Thinks to self "well, that was developed by a man (Roger). damnit! How about the curse of king tut? Oh, SH**, that was a curse made by the king himself! I am screwed! Can I make a curse of my betta fish?...'I curse you; now you will jump out of your tank when you least expect it and flop to your death on a hard cold desk at two in the morning' sounds about right." :-)
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