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Name:  Amelia Worth
Age:  20
 Favourite magic school subject: This is a hard decision. I really enjoy muggle science, so you would think that I would like magic science. But I don't know... I think Transfiguration. It's kind of science-y, very magical. It seems like a real discipline, though. I'm a firm believer that life is more than grades, and it is taught by McGonagal, who is a hardass. Alas, I would have to go with Transfiguration.
Favourite muggle school subject: Well, I'm an Anthro major. I really like hands-on sciences. Digging in the dirt. Bio, Anthro, geology...damnit, I'm such a nerd.
Favourite Hogwarts teacher: I like watching Snape with others because he's such an asshole. But I would say Professor Sprout. She's adorable and hardcore at the same time. And she knows her shit.
Which Harry Potter Character do you hate? I really hate Emma Watson. But she isn't a character, is she? So I will go with Cho Chang. That girl has issues. Seriously. I mean, she needs to figure her shit out - she goes from Cedric to Harry, just because she's pissed off and hurt. She just needs to get her priorities straight.
Which student at Hogwarts (from the books) would be your best friend? Ugh. Well, prolly Alicia Spinnet or Angelina What's her name. The girls from gryffy quidditch team (sorry, chemo brain is kicking in. But I was already sorted into the gryffindor house, so I'm not just trying to get myself in there by my answers). And I just know that I would be all up in the the twins' (Fred and George) business. They're hot and the're bad boys.
What wizarding job would you like to have?: hopefully something outdoors where I can travel. Oooh, maybe I would be a photographer for the Daily Prophet. Yeah, I wanna do that. It would be rad. I would totally have all access to anywhere as a Daily Prophet Employee. As long as I don't have to work that stupid Reeta Skeeter.
How do you spend your leisure time at Hogwarts? I would like to think that I would make the quidditch team. But I would most likely be running around with my girls, being adorable and obnoxious, kind of like my girls from MHS - quidditch is the closest to marching band I could get. Haha. So, most likely doing stupid, obnoxious, adventurous, ridiculous things with my girls, galavanting and most likely just barely staying out of trouble.
What would be found on your book shelf ? (can be anything, not just books)  First and foremost, photos of my friends. I love my friends. Then probably science-y non fiction books would dominate the shelves. And then I would have fabulous fictional books - I'm pretty into science-y (I just finished "Pompeii") and fiction science-y (think Margaret Atwood, etc). And some stuff about other cultures. Maybe some memorabilia from events (maybe a necklace from a friend, a stub from a professional quidditch match), and perhaps a yummy smelling candle for the yummy smell. I'm just a nerd like that. Sounds boring, I know.
If you were to receive a howler from your mother, what would be the cause? In high school, my mom always got pissed if I skipped class to hang out in the band room. So it would most likely be that I skipped a class to go play quidditch, or my friends and I took the afternoon off to go into Hogsmead. But I don't get into trouble. In fact, that's the point. I wasn't THERE so I couldn't get into trouble.
Where in the entire wizarding world would you like to visit? Eh. Hogwarts is good enough for me. Castle. England.
Do you want to have children someday? Why or why not? Traditionally, I would have said yes. I don't think I can now, but one can still adopt, yes? So I only want to have kids unless I get them when they are waaay freaking young, like, a few days old so I can start with a clean slate.
If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into? driving at night on a high way by myself on a shear cliff. I hate it when we are (me and anyone, really) driving and you are on a really winding, high road/cliff and you can see right down. I have this horrible fear of falling off that cliff while driving. How would that transform into a boggart?
What would you see in the Mirror of Erised? Ugh. Complete and utter Remission. Decidedly not enough. Travelling the globe free of charge, seeing all the rad things this planet has to offer - the Pyramids at Giza, Chichen Itza, Pompeii, Rome, Africa, Peru, and having that fabulous job as a photographer for National Geographic.
Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? Yes. I have this weird desire to prove myself. Plus, it would be fun. Come on, push yourself! I love extreme crap (well, just shy of almost killing yourself. That means no snowboarding, bungee jumping [sooo bad for your spine]although I've been skydiving..., so I guess that's right up my alley. Ugh. I really need to re-read that book again, huh?
Make up a charm or spell. What would it do, when would you use it? Menialus doous. It creates a temporary chimpanzee capable of finishing all menial tasks given to you, paperwork or otherwise. When said chores are completed, chimpanzee dissolves.
What makes a person respectable? In karate, we taught that respect earns respect. So if I want someone to respect me, I show them respect. Otherwise, someone who is kind, fair, and doesn't judge people. Yay!
What do you look for in a friend? I would most likely FIND a friend doing a similar hobby, i.e. marching band (SUCH a band nerd), but I'm not friends with every single one of them. Believe me. I'm surprised I am on this many friends' lists. Anyway, I look for spunk, sense of humors, and similar values. Oh, and duh. Similar interests.

What is thicker? Friendship or blood.(Pick one now, none of this "it depends on the situations stuff!) This has been my torment to my OC and I wonder if Ruth added this to the app because she saw my character's moral dilemma. I can only presume to be so self centered. For you nerds, it's user If I get one ill begotten comment, I will personally hunt you down.
If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? I would traditionally say incompetent people. But that has changed. I would say the environment. I guess that does start with people, I know. But seriously. I think that a lot of the things that people are getting sick of nowadays is the environment. I really believe that's why I got leukemia. So I would say environmental awareness. One in five people will have cancer in their lifetimes. One out of three cancer patients will develop a different type of cancer in their lifetimes. It's all environmental. This is our only planet. Use it wisely. Oooh, if I were ever in a beauty pagent, that would be my platform.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Hmm...I've gotten really lazy since I've been so sick. So I would want to get back to the streamline, and ultimately 20 lb heavier (all muscle) self that I had eight months ago (actually, that's not true. Almost a year ago) when I wasn't so sick. Gimme my muscle, damnit!
When would you use the room of requirement, and what would you find there? I have a bad habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve, so I would probably use it to sob to a best friend, or vice versa, over something really stupid ( in the end, although most likely very important at the time). So it would prolly be comforting, lots of pillows, tissues, and tea. And probably some stupid movie like Jackass Movie and yummy sorbet to get over the stupid asshole. I can actually see myself doing this with Andrea or Doris. It's just something we would do.
Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider becoming a Death Eater? If my NOT becoming a Death Eater would put someone in jeopardy, then I would do it. Because I am like that. Meh. Go me?
If you were an animagus, what would you turn into? (Assuming that the animal reflects the person, it is not chosen) Probably something 1/3 obnoxious, 1/3 adorable, and 1/3 Loyal. My ex boyfriend's mom has an Italian Greyhound mix and that's pretty much what little Frankie is. It's kind of a ridiculous animagus, but he's adorable. He'll lick your face till he annoys you, but he snuggles and is michevious and loyal and adorable.
What do you live for? My first instinct was "learning". Ew. SUCH a ravenclaw thought. Haha. But really, it's about discovery. Not learning, books suck. But definately discovery.
What would you die for? Hm. I am kind of selfish with this liberated life that I have recieved through the chemo, prayers, and friends. But I would probably die for a just cause. Not my (current) country. But a friend? A family member? Yes. Perhaps.
Where do you think you belong, and why? It would be nifty and chic to be in Slytherin. They certainly are the cut above the rest. And I can be a bitch, but in the end it totally wouldn't be me. And I am of the mind that there is sooo much more than school in life. So not Ravenclaw. In comm I was sorted into Gryffindor. I think I belong there. I mean, I've been pretty brave through this whole leukemia deal, I would think. And I love my friends. I mean, I will defend them till the end. Hardcore. I've gotten myself into trouble sometimes defending those I love, and burning the people that alledgedly hurt them without hearing the other side. I'm quick to commit like that. And I am an adventure whore. So I would think Gryffindor.
How did you find us? If it was from a post say where and who posted it. Like I said, I'm in comm Heard about it from Lovely Ruth.

OMG that took seriously like almost two hours. Because I had to talk to Nick about his girl problems, I consulted Suz and got some rad pix from her, and I talked to my mommy.

Had a day trip with said mommy. We went to that Stonehenge thingie and I threw a mini fit because there are fuzzies on my lense that I can't get off. Or,  rather, when I try to remove them, I am successful but get different fuzzies on it and it turns out all icky. But I got some rad shots. Hope I run into some weird source of like fifty dollars so I can develop four rolls of film.

my comm and lj user thing aren't working. What the crap? Help? Pretty please?
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