amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Loads of personal and annoying things going on that I don't want to bother typing out because undoubtedly, two things will happen, a) most people that read my LJ won't care and skip it all, and b) the small minority that read it will be overzealous in their attempts to rectify my life, when really it's a burp in the digestive system of my existence.

But the good part of all this is that I am going home in a week. Even less maybe! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY x infinite. Instead of, like, two months of bleak existence-ness I will have only endured 5 weeks of being sick crap.

It's amazing to which the extent that my mom seems to hate the male species. Kind of. Like, I think she blames a buttload of things on guys just because she has had bad experiences with them. And you would think this would be contained with humans. Oh, no. We were watching this thing on the Discovery Channel called the Lion Battlefield (very good, I would reccommend it), and she sees a male and a female mate, and she freaks out like he's raping her. Well, hmm. Sure isn't. Only with humans and dolphins is sex had for more than pleasure. So, therefor, it sure isn't rape. It's the circle of life (The Lion King was really well done, after watching this liony thingie. Even the hyenas were well done. Come on, it's Disney. Everything they do, they do freaking a gajillion percent).

Anyway, maybe it's my anthro "teachings", or whatever you wanna call it, but it's not rape. Male lions aren't doing it just to piss the lionesses off (ooooh, the lionesses are the real leaders of their Prides. They've been there for generations and hunt and are rad). But male animals aren't the bad ones.

Men are assholes, not evil. It's interesting. I don't know how one can become so jaded to be like that. Ugh. She's watching Oprah.

On another note, I've been reading rosiegalbasi LJ. Her and I got into it a while ago. She's a bitchy, snooty, stuck up snob. She knows it. And yet, she's effing intruiging. And if she fucking reads this, she'll prolly know that she's "beat me." Meh. She's met her "Dom". Meh. She "isn't jealous of Emma Watson." Meh. Good for her. I kind of want to just anon reply to her poorly spell checked entries. But, then again, she wouldn't care.I find her dependence on her mother (even though she treats her mother like shit) weird and comforting. Whatever. Check her out.
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