amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Disclaimer: I got discharged today. Kym and my relationship has officially reverted back to the good ole high school days. I was pissed...the whole "important people" part isn't really what I feel. Don't hate me.

I called Suz. She wasn't answering her cell. I flip through my friends' list on my phone, wondering if I should call someone and tell them of my release and once I got to the N's I realize something: they wouldn't care. All these people are out enjoying their fucking hot July weather in the middle of summer and I'm stuck in the damn car waiting for Kym to fill my prescriptions because she won't let me go in with her without a mask. That's fine. She can pay the co pay for me. Besides, all the important people in my life already know - Mom, Kym, Jess, Andrew, Suz.

I stare at the Fred Meyer pavement. In the time it takes Kym to fill 9 prescriptions there's been two different vehicles in the spot to my right. The second one's a truck - he just nicked my windows-down car door stepping out of his huge ass Ford F-850. :-)

I suddenly miss someone very very badly. Or just past summers I can never return to. People I will never see again. Poisonous, addicting love? Maybe. Obnoxious travel companions to Montana? Definately.

I hope Suz calls me back soon.

Just felt like something really needed to be written down in the moment. It felt good to get it all out while it was still happening.
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