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Huh. Well, not much to report, I guess. :-/ Transplant went okay. Things are okay now, my hair hasn't started to fall out (If I could find some clippers, I would buzz it into a mohawk before it was time) and my only big problem is the thrush in my mouth. It's icky.

B came up for a few days. It's always lovely to see him. :-)

Some things have been going much in so little time. Who'd a thunk while I was in the hospital? Oh, well. I just feel like a bad friend.

Can't wait to get the hell out of here. My parents and my gramma are all sick, so they can't come visit me. boo hiss.

*le sigh*

I guess everything else is working out okay. I love you all! And you should all party it up extra hard just for me!
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