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A quick blurb:

@ OHSU. Some day I will write a book titled "101 reasons why I hate OHSU." Perhaps you will see it on the best selling list one day.

This computer that I have access to is equipped with Windows 95. I can't guarantee the swiftness of any responses and for that, I am sorry.

Got my nails done all pretty before I had to come into the hospital. Don't know how I will survive with big honkin' talons attached to the end of my fingers. I feel like a freakin' owl. Now all I need are giant wings, a fluffy face, and a dead mouse and I'm good.

Anyway, I love you all and it is 6:01 am and I should not be awake at this hour. :-/

Andrew, Nick, Nate, Graham, Lemur, and anyone else interested in shaving their heads (decidedly not Bryon and if you do I will BEAT you): feel free to bring the clippers in a week or two, since that is when it will start falling out. :-/

A & J: Hope Lyle Lovitt was good (That's right folks, they went to go see the infamous ex-Mr. Julia Roberts).

Movie Partners (Girls Only!)
by churchbabe
Your Username
Lord of the Rings PartnerPippin
Star Wars PartnerObi-Wan
Pirates of the Caribbean PartnerWill Turner
Finding Nemo PartnerBruce
Harry Potter PartnerLucius Malfoy
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I want everyone to notice the HP Partner. yum. ;-)
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