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Wow. It's been forever since I posted! That's because I went to portland twice in three days and got back last night.

The first time, I stayed with suz and we saw harry potter and then I had a pre-op session at OHSU.

The second time, though, I went with Andrew, Jess, and Lemur to the Waterfront where we met suz and we watched the Violent Femmes for $5. It was swell. And then I got to meet Momsi and Papa Bear (AKA Andrew's parents) and we all had waaaay too much to eat and then we all went to the drive in theatre and it was swell.

And now I am back here and going to OHSU for good tomorrow morning. I'm kinda scared. I met a bunch of cool people over the weekend, though, and if they don't come visit me (like Lemur and Bry y an) I might cry. :-/

Anyway, yeah. Going in tomorrow. Huh. Grr... Mom, Gramma, Bryon and I are all going out to eat tonight. That should be interesting. I haven't seen Gramma in an awefully long time. And she's so strong - her and I were going through chemo at the same time a few months ago, and so getting letters from her were extra special. Although, this woman...well, first off, she's a
Geminis and I don't get along. Similar to Suz's thing about geminis. No offense if you are one and you are reading this, but they are two timing kniving whores. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Seriously. I have yet to meet a gemini who doesn't fit the standard. And think of my precedence: Chance, Jason (my karate boss), Dad, my gramma, Karen Roothan, Sarah Nelson (while I love her, she's still a gemini), etc. The only gemini that I've encountered that didn't completely and utterly fit the gemini profile was ashli, my second roommate. And Bree - but I can still tell. ;-) There's your first clue. Second, off, she just turned 80. She's been smoking for over 60 years, and she was undergoing chemo for throat cancer. Ugh. This woman will never die, just to spite a buttload of people, lemme tell ya.

Got my nails done for the second time ever. The lady did a piss poor job.

Had fun last night just hanging out playing nintendo, watching dirty dancing, and hanging out with my friends. It's uber nice to be living with Jess - we kind of *are* eachother's social circles, so already we are hanging out a lot together. Again, I love sarah, but we just didn't hang out a whole bunch. And Jess and I are on the same wavelength. And our boys get along (more to the point, andrew approves of B. I think there would be problems if he didn't. I <3 andrew). And it sucks that right as things are settling down into a normal routine, I have to go into the hospital. I wish I were sick or pregnant so I didn't have to go through with it. Because my biopsy came back negative. Which is the good thing. I just...grr...
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