amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

1) definitive different style = different director
2) I hate Hermione. She should be strong and not be a pansy ass and scream all the damn time
3) different clothing. And while I'm at it, WTF is up with boys = slobs? I guess I've never been a 13 yr old boy, so I don't really know the ins and outs of how they dress.
4) WTF? Sir cadogan has one line?
5) Thank you John Williams for not recycling Star Wars again. Good Job on "something wicked this way comes"
6) The courtyard. Not only did they change it up, it's now made out of wood. Wood? WTF? It's always been made out of stone. Wood wouldn't last that long.
7) Speaking of Wood, where the hell was he? He wanted the quidditch cup SO. BAD. Unfortunately, my favorite boy got sacked from the whole story line.
8) No Lucius Malfoy. But that's okay.
9) Hagrid's hut is now farther away, like down a hill. WTF?
10) I guess it's cool that the movie is a bit darker and more believable and less magical (I can totally relate to them now), but the inconsistancies in the plot can suck my nuts.
11) Don't like Michael Gambon as the new dumbledore. But you can't really help recasting when the old one up and died.
12) WTF? Why did they switch house tables so that slytherin and gryffindor are right next to each other? That's dumb. It was fine before, and now they can just quarrel easier.
13) I agree with Suz. Malfoy is sooooo much better than just comic relief.
14) I wish Emma Watson's accent was fake because then I could hate her for attempting a British accent rather than just hating her voice.
15) Twins' new hair = yum.
16) I <3 the new dark side of the plot.
17) I'm glad that it looks like Hermione and Ron will hook up. JKR had a lot of stuff added to the plot to fortell things, and it looks like that's one of them. Because if she and Harry hook up, I'm gonna be PISSED.
18) Where the hell was Pansy Parkinson? Was she the one asking draco about his arm after he got knocked over by the hippogriff? Mother of god, I thought she was cooler than that.
19) I <3 the Patil sisters. They are absolutely GORGOUS.
20) I also <3 Sirius's tats. Those were badass.

Stayed with suz. Uber fun. Tired. Me. Bed.
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