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*le sigh*

Getting everything ready to have a) a new roommate, and b) to go to portland.

A few of you have asked about mail. Here's the thing: I have no effing clue. But if you respond to this entry with your snail mail addy, I WILL send you mail, with my return address. I LOVE getting snail mail, so if you wanna do that, or IM me if you don't want everyone and their mom to send shit to you.

I had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday (that really fucking uncomfortable procedure, this being my fourth) and got lots of morphine. People shouldn't let me out in the real world when I have lots of morphine - apparently I stopped by @ 6MN @ Sacred Heart, and apparently I called Chance just to chat. Neither of which I remember. And I was prepared to do something else that I now realize would have been a bad idea. Moral of the story: Morphine is FUN. Kids: don't try this at home!
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