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I <3 Mindi and Bre, along with Meghan Marc, Heidi, Sylvia, and all of APO. I somehow managed to kiss (albeit only on the neck) Barb a lot - I hope she enjoyed the action!

And and and lots of good vibes for something that I halfheartedly attended. More good vibes to Moses because he pet my hair while being drunk twice in two days. And I'm glad some people *cough* Greg *cough* are cool enough to not be assholes when the rest of the gang are *cough* P.Ho *cough*

And I re-met a girl that I met last time @ Greg's who was all up in Moses's (very drunk) business (although he very much has an adorable gf). She (this girl, Erica) turned out to be a really cool girl and hung out with me and mindi and bre. Whom I still <3 dearly and sure do wish darnit-gosh that we had hung out more this year!

And and and good band vibes from Danielle's. I like (and by like I mean big fat LOVED seeing everyone and talking to everyone and somehow talking to Josh Head about his parents and meeting them once and actually remembering me despite a ridiculously brief encounter (I know his brother), and Mike Suskin taking on a whole new liking since we have become cohorts and Heidi and I love you heidi and just...good band vibes and I'm soooooooo times infinite lucky to have such friggin' awesome friends.

Hey Bryon: You know that weird kinda creepy looking kid that always sits at the front of the proctored tests? He was there...

Anyway, I <3 mindi and bre in huge, copious amounts (just in general, not for anything specific, although jellybeans, hair petting and talking me out of lung cancer certainly qualify).

And once again I am significant (can't say I ever wasn't, but feel much better about the whole situation).

Kinda still drunk, feel great, going to bed. Over and out.
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