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To all those who have been in excruciating pain reading my recent lj entries: I apologize for me hating the world. Howsomeever, it's my lj and it's a pain in the ass to lock my entries and then log in just to wallow in my own freakish misery. So just bear with me - it's cheaper than therapy.

Things drawing to a close. Crazy crazy swamped and my room looks like it ate too many newspapers and got sick from them and threw up. Huh.

Chance stopped by today. It was good to see him. I'm glad that trick ass ho found a boyfriend though, and left him out in the cold - I'm a bitch, but you know what? It serves him right, I guess. Life's a bitch, and I'm glad he's grown up and realized that. But it was really good to see him and we talked a lot and he got to see just a smidge of eugene - good for him.

Ugh. I like how my idea of a study break is updating LJ.

OTR was interesting last night. They were good for the most part. Minus some sprinkler action. There were high school girls sitting directly in the front row (to their credit, though, I wasn't far away from them, either.) and they had puffy paint shirts that said something dumb like I <3 OTR or something ridiculous like that.
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