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a different kind of "ex"

P. Ho: Hey, garden-burger slipper on er
Jer: Hey, you're that one famous kid from that famous diddy group, aren't you?
P. Ho: Which one? I've been in so many
Jer: that "On the Rocks?"
P.Ho: Oh, you mean "On the rocks featuring Pete Hollins? Yup, that's me!

Similar to a trumpet joke I heard once: How does a trumpet player introduce theirselves? "Hi, I'm better than you." I think this group of people also includes the above mentioned characters and a certain sorostitute.

Geez, I'm vile at two am. Someone shoot me.

Went to the Lorax and hung out with Chris and his gf and Hot Karl and I talked with this guy from my hall and he told me he used to have leukemia. So now he is my success story, because he's still around. Yay! And then they came and watched OTR ITS (In the Sprinklers). It was good and evil at the same time.

And words of wisdom I just tossed at my friend nick (about hating couples):Amelialaine: well, don't feel panges of envy. vomit in their laps. That would get the point across more accurately.
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